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Credit card set
Our Price: $14.95

Picks in a credit card
Broken Key Extractor Darts
Our Price: $19.00

These extractors are pretty good

It is a bit hard to see in the photo but the shaft is covered in barbs that let the tool slide into the keyway and hook the broken key.

This is a set our four identical extractors - the handles are different colours but each tool is the same
Goso folding pick set
Our Price: $19.95

Folding Pick set
Goso Disc Lock Pick
Our Price: $27.50

For picking Disc Tumblers
Klom Cross Picks
Our Price: $27.95

Cross picks for Cross locks
Broken key extractor
Our Price: $29.00

Broken key extractor Set

This set is a bit of a mix - some of the tools are good some are great and some are horrible...... as always we are being upfront with you
For the price its worth it - one job more than pays for the set - play with it a bit before you hit the streets with it.
It also comes with a case

Lock Pick Canada

goso 7.5mm tubular
Our Price: $29.00

After a few requests we have added the 7.5mm tubular pick.
This is a smaller tubular pick - if you are thinking bike lock style 7 pin you need the other 7 pick tubular picks we sell
This one would be to small for that style - this size is more common for computer cable sand small deposit boxes
Klom Key Checker
Our Price: $29.95

Klom Key Checker

Pretty simple concept and it works.
Take the key you wish to copy and place it in the main window.
Push the needles against the key forming an outside profile of the key.
Now you can confirm what is the matching blank by sliding it into the profile.
Goso Plug Spinner
Our Price: $29.95

Have you ever picked a lock in the wrong direction?
Klom Auto Set
Our Price: $45.00

Auto poppers
Klom Tubular pick - Blue
Our Price: $55.00

This is a Klom 7 pin Tubular pick and is a great option as a hobby tubular pick.
It  is designed to work on standard 7 pin tubular locks