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SPARROWS Master Key Set
Our Price: $9.95

It's like having your own hotel.
lock pick how to learn set
Five Piece Lock Pick how to learn Set
Our Price: $19.95

This basic 5 piece lock pick set is an ideal beginners set and is capable of opening virtually all pin tumbler locks. The set also comes with a beginners instruction manual and quality snapover leather case.

Sparrows Expansion
Our Price: $19.99

Level 2 Lock Pick set.
Clear Acrylic Practice lock
Our Price: $24.95

Time to practice
Sparrows Kick Start
Our Price: $24.99

Level 1 Lock Pick set
Sparrows cut away lock standard pins
Our Price: $25.00

Standard Pins
Sparrows cut away lock serrated pins
Our Price: $27.50

Sparrows cut away lock spool pins
Our Price: $27.50

The Gridlock
Our Price: $29.00

Automotive practice locks
Concealed lock pick set
Our Price: $29.00

Concealed lock pick set.
Sparrows Grad 2.0
Our Price: $29.95

High Security lock pick set
Sparrows Progressive Locks
Our Price: $35.00

Progressive 2,3,4,5 pin
Visual guide to lock picking
Our Price: $37.00

Visual Guide to Lock Picking is a “must have” book!
Sparrows Spirit Set
Our Price: $39.00

Great Everyday carry Set
Sparrows Tuxedo Set
Our Price: $39.00

Maximum Picks With Minimal Bulk
Visual Guide to Lock Picking DVD
Our Price: $39.95

Quickly learn the secrets of the trade from this video's concise and informative style. Loaded with computer generated 3D animation, this video dissects the locks showing every moving part and reveals how locks can be compromised.
Night School
Our Price: $99.00

Learn how to lock pick with this set
Night School tuxedo + edition
Our Price: $115.00

The tuxedo lock pick set in a school kit
The perfect way to learn lock picking
Locksmith School In A Box
Our Price: $124.95

Lock Picking School in a Box!