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lock pick how to learn set
Five Piece Lock Pick how to learn Set
Our Price: $19.95

This basic 5 piece lock pick set is an ideal beginners set and is capable of opening virtually all pin tumbler locks. The set also comes with a beginners instruction manual and quality snapover leather case.

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lock pick set
Fourteen Piece Lock Pick Set
Our Price: $34.95

The PXS-14 was the first set manufactured by SouthOrd, and remains one of the most popular. It represents quality and value, and contains everything you need to compromise most pin tumbler locks. Opens deadbolts, doorknob locks, most auto locks, and padlocks. Includes nine picks, a broken key extractor, four tension tools, nine textured slide-on grips, and a top grain zippered leather case.

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southord nps-2000
southord nps-2000
Our Price: $79.00

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8 Pin Tubular Lock Pick
8 Pin Tubular Lock Pick
Our Price: $95.00

The new SouthOrd tubular lock picks allow adjustment of picking needle pressure, giving them the versatility to pick even tubular locks with higher spring pressures. Each pick has a comfortable, slip resistant rubber handle and is in eight pin configuration.

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lock pick set southord
Full Lock Pick set
Our Price: $189.00

This is the full Southord line of lock picks. more info