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Sparrows Orion Set
Sparrows Orion Set
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The ORION - the Tuxedo Expansion

This set is designed to be added to an existing kit. The main piece is a large door Jim we call the Orion that is designed to open live but locked latches. These are often found on interior office, school and government building doors. This piece of stainless steel just needed a bit more so we added a directional finder for navigation. The high polish of the Orion lets you use it as an improvised signal mirror and finally ...---... equals S.O.S. The Nice part is the Orion Set will slide into the back pocket of the Tuxedo set Case keeping your kit together.

Also in the kit is a set of hybrid flat bars for top of the keyway tension and Comb Picking. Comb picks work by lifting all the pins in a lock above the sheer line. Look in our bypass tool area if you are not familiar with them. Rounding out the set is the Mini Shank that is similar to the one that is found in the EOD set.
Added to the side of one comb bar is a Tubular pick tension bar similar to the SPARROWSMantis.


If you know a little bit about the night sky you will know about the constellation Orion - The Hunter. Orion consists of some of the sky's brightest stars making it stand out.
In the Night Sky Stars Rise in the East and Set to the West. Knowing this motion helps with finding your direction.
If you are looking at Orion and he is on his left side similar to the Snake Card you are looking EAST
If you are looking at Orion and he is on his feet you are looking SOUTH.
If you are looking at Orion and he is on his right side you are looking WEST.


Lock Pick Canada and Sparrows are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING YOU HOME - You need to leg it out yourself.

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