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7 Pin Tubular lock pick
tubular lock pick
Our Price: $95.00

The TPXA-7
This seven pin Tubular lock pick will allow you to open “ace” style locks. Tubular or “Ace” locks have the pin tumblers arranged in a circle and a circular key is needed to open these locks. To defeat tubular locks you need the proper tool, either a 7 or 8 pin round lock pick depending on the number of pins in the lock. These locks are commonly found on coin-operated washers & dryers, food vending machines, pay phones, bike locks and many other items that require a higher level of security. The SouthOrd tubular lock pick allows for the picking needle pressure to be adjusted, this is helpfully because most tubular locks have varying spring pressure. The set also comes with a depth decoder so that you can make a key after you have picked the lock.

When using a tubular pick make sure that the lock is clean and that all the tumblers are moving freely. Do not apply excessive force when torquing the lock. Make sure that the pick is perpendicular to the lock at all times. If you find that the pick has moved off perpendicular, remove the pick and begin the picking process again.

This tool will require practice until you master the ability of opening high security locks.

The TPXA-7 Tubular lock pick Set includes

  • 1 x Seven Pin tubular lock pick
  • 1 x Allen key to adjust the locking collar
  • 1 x Depth decoder
  • 1 x Instructions

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