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Sparrows Mantis
Our Price: $4.95

Tubular tension wrench
Check Pins
Our Price: $4.95

Security pins like Chess Pieces
Universal Handcuff Key
Our Price: $5.00

Universal handcuff key
The Warlock
Our Price: $5.95

For pin tumblers and wafer locks
SPARROWS Adams Rite ByPass Driver
Our Price: $9.50

Adams Rite ByPass
Sparrows Rook & Knight
Our Price: $9.50

Add this to your King & Queen Picks
Sparrows King & Queen Picks
Our Price: $9.95


When you have tried every other lock pick in your collection and still canít open that cheap lock itís time for the King and Queen picks to come out. There is nothing more frustrating than being beaten by a lock that you know you have the skills to open. Often what you are up against is a pining combination of extreme highs and lows. The different heights of pins in a lock re referred to as the MAC and if you have a high MAC between pins it can be very difficult to set one pin while not oversetting another. The King and Queen picks are designed to help elevate a bit of that MAC pain.  

Motel Keys
Our Price: $9.95

Lock busters you can unbust
Mini pinning mats
Our Price: $9.95

Small but effective
Sparrows SSDeV Picks
Our Price: $14.50

Designed with the SSDev Berlin Lock Picking chapter
Sparrows Mace Picks
Our Price: $14.95

Covert Lock Picks
St. Chaos
Our Price: $14.95

Its much Stronger than you think
Rockout keys
Our Price: $14.95

Wafer Picks
Mace Expansion Set
Our Price: $14.95

Dog Ear Tension
Sparrows Warded Pick Set
Our Price: $14.95

Warded keys
Sparrows Reflection
Our Price: $14.95

Reflection is based off the Classic Triple Peak
Sparrows Wafer Pick Set
Our Price: $19.95

Wafer Picks
Our Price: $19.95

Repin your Sparrows Brass locks
Sparrows Chaos Card
Our Price: $19.95

Break Away Card with a Flat Handcuff Key
Sparrows Expansion
Our Price: $19.99

Level 2 Lock Pick set.
Clear Acrylic Practice lock
Our Price: $24.95

Time to practice
Sparrows Orion Set
Our Price: $24.95

Expand your existing lock pick set
Sparrows Kick Start
Our Price: $24.99

Level 1 Lock Pick set
Sparrows cut away lock standard pins
Our Price: $25.00

Standard Pins
tension set
Our Price: $27.00

tension set
Sparrows cut away lock serrated pins
Our Price: $27.50

Sparrows cut away lock spool pins
Our Price: $27.50

The Gridlock
Our Price: $29.00

Automotive practice locks
Sparrows Grad 2.0
Our Price: $29.95

High Security lock pick set
Our Price: $35.00

The Sparrows Coffin Keys set consists of 13 rocker picks of various sizes. Coffin keys work in a wide variety of wafer and pin tumbler locks. The picking action is simply insert the pick into the keyway while rocking the key up and down at times apply torque to the key by turning it gently. Slide the key in and out while also trying a different size and patterned Keys. Coffin keys are a mix between picking and using a skeleton key.
Sparrows Progressive Locks
Our Price: $35.00

Progressive 2,3,4,5 pin
Sparrows Spirit Set
Our Price: $39.00

Great Everyday carry Set
Sparrows Tuxedo Set
Our Price: $39.00

Maximum Picks With Minimal Bulk
Tuxedo Royale
Our Price: $39.00

A Euro Style Set
the dark shift
Our Price: $49.00

For harsh Enviroments
Sparrows Gotham
Our Price: $49.00

The Gothan16 piece Lock Pick set.
The Controller
Our Price: $49.00

Comes with Pinning Tweezers
Our Price: $49.00

Spoll, Serrated, Mushroom .... oh my.
SF Edition Sentry - coyote
Our Price: $53.00

malice equipped
Our Price: $53.00

malice equipped
Our Price: $59.00

Cuff link with built in Handcuff key
Our Price: $59.00

It Glows
The Sparrows Double Tap Snap Gun
Our Price: $59.00

Designed for Police and Fire services this is a quick entry tool that will not fail under hard working conditions
Sparrows Competitor
Our Price: $69.00

Professional 23 Piece Lock Pick set
Our Price: $69.00

EOD - This is designed to be a Fast Picking EDC Set
Our Price: $79.00

The Monstrum - A nice set of Exotic Picks
Sparrows Wizwazzle Set
Our Price: $79.00

29 Piece professional lock pick set
The Ranger
Our Price: $89.00

Duty Belt and Molle compatible
Night School
Our Price: $99.00

Learn how to lock pick with this set
Sparrows Monstrum 4 Beginners
Our Price: $109.00

Mostrum set with a few starter picks
Our Price: $115.00

The Wizwazzle and SSDeV Hooks = VORAX
Night School tuxedo + edition
Our Price: $115.00

The tuxedo lock pick set in a school kit
The perfect way to learn lock picking
Sparrows Monstrum XXL
Our Price: $139.00

Monstrum and the Wizwazzle together